Facial optical illusions

A team of scientists has uncovered a neurological synergy that occurs in visual adaptation, a phenomenon in which perception is altered by prolonged exposure to a stimulus. In the facial expression adaptation, after viewing a face with a beaming smile, faces with a neutral expression appear sad, while viewing a sad face causes a neutral face to appear happy. In newly published work, researchers focused on facial expression aftereffect—a type of optical illusion. Human participants viewed facial images of a single person whose expressions spanned from happy to sad, as shown here, then reported the expression. The findings of the new study, which appear in the Journal of Vision , challenge a common assumption that adaptation aftereffects are purely sensory.
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Hollow-Face illusion

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Best optical illusions people have created just using makeup - INSIDER

Dain Yoon is one of several makeup artists who create optical illusions with makeup. Everyone loves a good optical illusion , and the internet is filled with tons of fun mind-benders. Makeup artists have recently started using their faces as a canvas for stunning optical illusions and the results are seriously impressive. The trend is becoming so popular that makeup artist Dain Yoon was recently featured on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" after going viral for her intricate makeup creations.
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These Inversion Face Optical Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

Here is my collection of my favorite hidden face illusions. Some illusions below are pieces or art, while others really challenge you to find the hidden face in the image. Are you good at not letting your face be?
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Visual illusions show us that we do not have direct access to reality. They can also provide an inkling of the mental processing that delivers our experience of the viewable world. Indeed, it is the processing happening inside our brains that is the basis for many illusions. Rather than delivering information from our eyes in nearly raw form as a camera would, the brain tries to determine what is actually out there — what are the shapes and the objects in the scene?
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